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Relationship therapy makes room for more people to enter the therapy space together. It allows loved ones to work as a team to overcome communication hurdles, rejuvenate connections and intimacy while promoting self-awareness and personal growth. Relationships, especially when in transition, can pose stressful challenges and collaterally impact others connected to their relationship - like children, parents, colleagues, common-friends. 

We work with the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson) that addresses growth as a complex process. It allows for each person in the relationship to develop individually while also working on developing the relationship as a unit.

Relationship therapy also addresses concerns related to sex and sexuality as an essential part of the relationship. There are no taboos within our therapy space and I welcome people and relationships from all genders, orientations, religions, ethnicities, and forms of expression. Our sessions would be inclusive, affirming, culture-sensitive, polyamoury-friendly, kink & BDSM-friendly, non-pathologizing, and non-awkward (ask us about the blend of Sex + Art Therapy).

No two relationships look alike and relationship therapy applies beyond traditional Couples Therapy. It encapsulates family relationships (parent-child, siblings) or pretty much any relationship that is a priority and might need additional support.


Got questions? Ask us here and we can schedule your 20-minute free phone consultation.

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