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Individual Counselling Session (50 min) $120 - $150 CAD (plus GST)

Individual Counselling Session (80 min) $180 - $200 CAD (plus GST)

Relationship Counselling Session (80 min) $210 CAD (plus GST)

Relationship Counselling Session (100 min) $230 CAD (plus GST)


Kinesiology Session (60 min) $80 CAD (plus GST)

Personal Training:

Personal Training (60 min) $70 CAD (plus GST)

Personal Training (60 min) 12 sessions $750 CAD (plus GST)

Diet & Nutrition:

Initial Assessment Session (60 min) $150 CAD (plus GST)


Follow up Sessions (45 min) $100 CAD (plus GST)

Initial Assessment Session (60min)  + 2 Follow up Sessions (2 x 45 min) $330 CAD (plus GST)

Optional addition:

5-day meal plan with recipe ideas $80 CAD (plus GST)

*All services will include a personalized nutrition needs assessment and written recommendations.*

We do accept a limited number of appointments on a sliding scale rate for all services. Please get in touch to know more.

We offer direct billing (based on your plan) and are registered providers for FNHA (First Nations Health Authority), CVAP (Crime Victim Assistance Program) and ICBC. Services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Kinesiologist and Registered Dietitian may be covered under Extended Health Benefits.


Extended Health Insurance

If you have extended health insurance benefits, your counselling, dietitian, kinesiology and personal training may be fully or partially covered. Here are a few questions to ask your insurance provider before your first appointment:

(specifically for counselling)

1. Do you cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC) or a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCPA)? 

If not, ask them if they would make an exception. 


Ask them if they would be willing to cover an RCC supervised by a Registered Psychologist (RPsych). If yes, let us know and we can discuss this appointment type further. 


However, if your company does not cover an RCC or CCC, you may consider writing to ask the provider if they would make an exception. Because the fee for a registered clinical counsellor is usually less than a psychologist, your provider may make an exception in your case and your counselling dollars will actually go further.


You could even contact your employer, Human Resources Department, instead of the insurance company to request this change to the plan’s coverage. It shouldn't cost them any additional fee and once requested, is pretty straight-forward for them to do. Your request is important because most employers like to increase the number of benefits that their employees can access, especially when it does not cost extra. You also play an instrumental role in generating demand for mental health services to be treated similar to physical health services by insurance companies today (thanks!).


If you need help drafting this request or would like an endorsement/support from your Counsellor, let us know here.

(for all services)

2. What is the maximum limit of funds* for counselling/kinesiology/dietitian/PT? Is there a limit per session?

3. Should my service provider bill the insurance company directly or should I pay them and will be reimbursed?

4. Are there any deductibles I might have to pay for using the coverage?

*Some insurance companies give a set amount of money that you can use in a year for paramedical or allied health services. It is important to know if they base this on a calendar year (beginning in January-December) or a fiscal year (beginning in April to May).

ICBC 7 Part Benefits Subsidized Counselling

An accident is a traumatic event that may impact your daily well-being and mental health. You may be eligible and pre-approved for 12 sessions of free subsidized counselling if you have recently been in a motor vehicle accident and have reported a claim with ICBC. Read more about the same here. ICBC will be invoiced directly after your sessions so that you can focus solely on your recovery.

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