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Here are a few of many reasons why people choose counselling. You might be:


Re-living past incidents that bring you fear and anxiety, dissatisfied with your relationships, unable to have restful sleep, work or food for 'no reason', looking for a safe space to discuss sexual concerns, wondering about your 'purpose in life' and pursuit of ‘happiness’, grieving the loss of someone/something significant, concerned about your use of alcohol or drugs, burnt out and living life on autopilot, feeling anxious while scrolling through social media, wanting to treat a diagnoses, or simply wanting to see what therapy is about.

Whatever variation of the reason there may be, accepting that you or your relationships need help is not always easy. And then, comes an even tougher challenge - asking for help.

Asking for help doesn’t mean you (or your relationships) are weak, it means that you want to remain strong. As tough as it might be, it reflects your wisdom of your own resiliency and when you need to nurture it, despite the fear of shame, stigma or ridicule.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Counselling

Mental health challenges can often be like the age-old riddle of "What came first, the egg or the chicken?".

"Does depression give me anxiety or does anxiety make me depressed?",

"Is a lack of sexual drive affecting my relationship or is my relationship killing my drive?"

Although a clinical list of signs and symptoms of various diagnoses does exist, everyone's experience of them is unique. Mental health challenges are rarely ever linear - more like an ever-entangling mental ball of strings, the more you tug on, the tighter it gets. That is why it is commendable that you are here and exploring what you can do to help yourself.

In individual therapy, we work together on understanding what is going on in the easiest, most effective, harm-reductive way - one that works for you. We then practice coping and how to maintain healthy coping in the long run. Here are a few areas we specialize in:

  • Anxiety: Social & Social Media Anxiety, Acculturation Stress (adjusting in a new culture), Overcoming "Creative Block" and burnout, PTSD

  • Learning Challenges: ADHD, Autism, navigating their challenges as an adult

  • Trauma: Grief & Loss, Abuse and/or assault

  • Identity Exploration: Developing understanding and acceptance of self, expression, gender, body image, personality, values, sexual orientation.

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