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About Sanchi Sharma

As a Counselling Psychologist, I am dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and foster personal growth. I believe in the uniqueness of each person's journey and I tailor my working style to suit your specific needs and goals.

Driven by the struggles of those around me, along with my own life experiences, I carry a strong passion to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. I recognize the importance of open dialogue and my therapeutic philosophy centers on creating a safe and affirming space where you can process difficult emotions. 


In sessions, I am known to hold a calm and grounded demeanor, providing a sense of stability and support for my clients as they explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I will empower you, celebrate your diversity, and meet you with unconditional positive regard (empathy, active listening, and mutual respect). My training is strongly grounded in trauma-informed principles and I work with psychodynamic therapy, client-centered therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. In this way, I will help you create self-awareness and resiliency.

After experiencing India's multicultural societal influences first-hand, I strive to challenge societal taboos and promote mental health awareness and literacy. Through education and advocacy, I want to contribute to a more compassionate and understanding society. In turn, you will find me continuously learning and growing, to deepen my understanding and enhance my therapeutic skills. 


My ultimate goal is to help you create meaningful change and empower you to lead a fulfilling and authentic life - one where you have a relationship of safety with yourself.


To know how we can do this together, book a free phone consult with me here.

Counselling Psychologist, MA Psychosocial Clinical Studies

Education & Training

Master of Arts in Psychosocial Clinical Studies, Ambedkar University

Borderline Personality Disorder Therapeutic Competency, Emotional Wellness Initiative

Understanding Anxiety, Depression and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, University of Reading 


Resolving past issues in the present: Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mind Peers


Lights Off Please: Conversations On Suicide Prevention (panel discussion), Neev MH

Therapist Initiator Program, Emotional Wellness Initiative

Languages: English, Hindi

Pronouns: She/Her


Initial Phone Consultation (20 min) Session - Free - BOOK HERE.

Individual Counselling (50 min) Session - ₹2000

Individual Counselling (80 min) Session - ₹3000 

Student and sliding scale sessions available upon request.

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