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Father and Son Watching TV

If you notice your family having the same conflict over and over again, or.. if you notice generational patterns repeating themselves in a way that definitely does not serve you anymore, family therapy may be for you.


When one member of a family presents with a mental health issue, it is often just the tip of the iceberg. In other words, because we are so closely influenced by the people we are born amongst and those that we grow up with, our chapter is only an opening to the story of the rest of the family. Although the family may come from one home, each individual member will have a different experience of being. 

Family Therapy is a space where you can bring in your multi-layered complex dynamics, and overcome conflict. With the help of an experienced counsellor, focused on rebuilding the unit while helping you reconnect with your individual strengths and identity, you can learn to heal relationship breakdowns in a way that makes sense to each individual member. Sounds too good to be true? All the more reason for you to try it.

No two families function alike and coping with life challenges like extended family ruptures, caregiver burnout, gender and identity expression-based conflicts, parenting style mismatch, intergenerational trauma, loss of a family member, separation, divorce, remarriage, intercultural or blended family dynamic clashes, relocation, anger management, domestic abuse, cultural adjustment and generational miscommunication can get all the more difficult when being dealt with alone. This also increases pressure on parents to be able to successfully steer the ship through unknown waters - something they do not have to do alone, let alone, be good at! It may also increase shame and guilt in kids when acting towards or reacting to the conflict - leading to unhealthy ways of coping that extend way beyond their behaviour at home. This is why our family counsellors tailor their expertise (examples of approaches - Developmental Model, Internal Family Systems (IFS), etc) to fit your family's specific needs. 

Family therapy is your opportunity to break intergenerational cycles of hurt and create ones of healing to pass on to future generations.

Got questions? Ask us here and we can schedule your 20-minute free phone consultation with a family counsellor on our team.

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