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Artist credit: Maia Boakye

The Self Care Social

 Acknowledging the impact of COVID19 on various aspects of daily life, we have created a wellness group experience to spark inspiration and maintain motivation towards life goals as we prepare for the post-pandemic world.

Next Group Dates: TBD


  • To approach, discuss and engage in self-care practices through the mind and body.

  • To develop self-awareness and coping strategies to process emotions, regulate mood, stress, anxiety, "pointlessness" and "helplessness" in a safely facilitated environment.

  • To get active and moving towards your individual physical health goals with a group and trainer that holds you accountable, even in between sessions.

  • To demystify eating habits, share food and food motivation in do-able ways through “cook-alongs” / meal preps with your group and nutrition coach.

  • Interact and learn with experienced professionals that can help guide you in your journey, while exchanging support with group members. Our aim is to develop a sense of belonging among the group that can remain interactive beyond the program.

  • Meet, learn and grow with a like-minded, non-judgmental, small and consistent closed group (5-7 people) while on your self-care journey, keeping in mind your individual, unique goals.


Group Sessions:

  • Opening and closing interactive sessions with all members and facilitators (confidentiality and group guidelines will be discussed as well as prep materials and resources will be shared as needed).

  • 1 Art Therapy Session (90 min) with RCC and Professional Art Therapist, Shivani Agarwal.

  • 12 Group Training sessions (30 min) with Kinesiologist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Zahra Farhang.

  • 3 Diet and Nutrition Sessions (60 min) with Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, Emily Hou.


You are welcome to book free 20 min introductory phone consultations with the facilitators to exchange expectations, benefits and goals and to understand if this group is the right fit for you.


Click here to book your individual introductory consultations. Feel free to share your preference of timing with your facilitator so we can try our best to place you in a suitable group.


View our tentative Schedule here.


Program Fee: $290 plus 5% GST (Insurance coverage and flexible payment options available)

Well-in-time sign-up (TBD) / Health Care professional fee: $275 

How to sign up: Send us a booking request through our contact form and mention 'group'.

Mode of delivery: Online/in-person

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