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About Emily Hou

Before becoming a registered dietitian, I struggled with restrictive behaviors such as cutting out certain food groups and over-exercising. I was lucky to have discovered dietetics because it was only then that I began my journey towards food freedom. Today, I am able to enjoy ALL foods (there are NO good and bad foods) and do exercises and activities that serve my body and mental health. I would love to work with you to help you feel your best without being confined by food rules, and the over-information we get exposed to every single day about the "do's and don'ts" of how you must direct your nutrition.

Life can be stressful enough and eating should not be one of the reasons. I pride myself in helping clients unlearn food rules and habits, and gain the same food freedom that I achieved, through intuitive eating. I don't believe that there's a cookie cutter formula to do this, rather, I individualize my recommendations to fit your unique lifestyle and cultural preferences. Improved food habits can particularly help impact mood, depression and hormonal conditions within the body.


Food can mean so much more than what's on your plate. It can be a means to connect with family, culture, people, and celebrate the tastes you love and my goal is to help you stay connected with it, in a way that doesn't take away from the fun, but still leaves you feeling confident about your own mental health and body.


I specialize in the following areas: 

  • Disordered eating 

  • IBS/IBD - Irritable Bowel 

  • Food allergies / food sensitivities 

  • Diabetes management

  • Renal disease 

  • Pre- and post-natal nutrition 

  • Plant-based diets 

  • Low iron management 

  • Amenorrhea 

  • Weight loss / weight gain 

  • Geriatric nutrition 

Get in touch with me for a free consult to discover how you can help your mental and physical health through food.


Learn more about why healthy food habits are important for your mental wellbeing here.




Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health, University of British Columbia, CA

Languages: English, Mandarin

Pronouns: She/Her



20 min Initial Phone consultation - FREE - BOOK NOW

Initial Assessment Session (60 min) $160 CAD (plus GST)

Follow up Sessions (45 min) $100 CAD (plus GST)

Initial Assessment Session (60min)  + 2 Follow up Sessions (2 x 45 min) $330 CAD (plus GST)

Optional addition:

5-day meal plan with recipe ideas $80 CAD (plus GST)

*All services will include a personalized nutrition needs assessment and written recommendations.*

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