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About Zahra Farhang

I am a Kinesiologist and ACE Certified Personal trainer, sensitive of my clients' mental health journeys.


If you are no stranger to how exercise is "good for you" and how "if only you worked out 30 mins/day, your life would be amazing!", you also must know of the mental hurdles that get in the way. I am here to help you bridge the gap between expectation and reality, in a way that can improve your overall relationship between mind and body.

As a kinesiologist and personal trainer, I can help you cope with physical injuries or manage, rehabilitate, and prevent physical and mental disorders that hold up proper body movement or prevent you from having a safe and enjoyable experience of living in your body. I work with various healing techniques to keep you on track towards your goals - however unique they may be. My goal is to keep you motivated and inspired while you are on this journey to connect and move better with your body. 

I work with adults, seniors and youth wanting to work on a variety of goals ranging from fat loss and physical fitness, to body image issues, post-traumatic pain, body-aches, staying active, depression, anxiety, obesity and diagnosed health issues. I have experience working with people from several different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles - owing to varied eating styles and nutritional needs.

​If you are looking for an exercising experience that makes you feel happy, confident and strong, both physically and mentally, connect with me here, for a free 20 min phone consult to discuss how we can get your moving, no matter the circumstance.

COVID update: Socially-distanced, 1-on-1 outdoor or home training sessions / online sessions. Same-household group/couple sessions available. Please contact for more information.


Education & training


Bachelor of Education in Kinesiology, University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC,

American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer 

Languages: English, Farsi, Turkish

Pronouns: She/Her


Kinesiology - $80 for 60 min (plus GST)

Personal Training - $70 for 60 min (plus GST)

Personal Training - $750 for a package 12 sessions (60 min, each) (plus GST)

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