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COVID-19 safety measures for in-person meetings

We are open for in-person and online/tele-sessions.


Clients are encouraged to take a moment to check-in with themselves about their health, recent travel, social interaction, household members' health and make an ethically & socially responsible decision before coming for an in-person session by going through the COVID-19 information by The Center for Disease Control and PreventionThis page lists symptoms to watch out for and what to do if you have them.


1. Please wash your hands before our appointment time. Washrooms are located adjacent to the waiting lobby. 

2. There is a sanitization station located outside the centre with instructions and wipes to sanitize hand-held items, toilet seat covers, and other supplies you might need for your visit.

3. Appointments are scheduled far apart in time to allow for cleaning of art supplies and any other shared items used during session between clients. Mask and gloves are available if preferred. 

4. Disposable recyclable cups will be offered for water and other beverages if meeting is at the centre.

5. An air purifier system with H13 True HEPA filtration for 99.97% of airborne particles and droplets is in place.

6. Masks are mandatory (as per recent provincial health orders) for all in-person meetings, indoors or outdoors.


Those discovering the abovementioned symptoms after booking an in-person session have the option of requesting an online/phone counselling session at any time.


You can use your laptop/ tablet/ phone - you will find a Zoom video link in your appointment confirmation email. The software is simple to navigate and uses your existing browser. Click on the link 5-10 minutes before our appointment time, and it will take you through the steps of joining our meeting. There are no long downloads or wait times associated with Zoom, but just in case you need to get your earphones or audio set up, make sure to keep 10 mins at hand. Pro tip: earphones w/mic.


If you'd rather not do a video chat, you can switch to a tele-counselling session over the phone.

Stay healthy.

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